Agra Red SandStone

Its elegant and has historic presence, as used in Agra Fort. Its soft and weather resistant. Also used in handicrafts articles. Available with the finest quality.

Agra Red Sandstone
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About this Product – Agra Red Sandstone

Sandstones are a combination of clastic sedimentary rocks made out of sand-seized silicate grains. They are available in varied colors like red, brown, yellow, grey, pink, white, and so on, and they are also used for multiple jobs. As there are lots of distinctive types of Sandstones, one of them is Agra Red Sandstone.

There are many names when it comes to identifying Agra Red Sandstone, like, Barauli Sandstone, Barauli Red Sandstone, Karauli Sandstone, etc. But it is popularly known by the name of Dholpur Red Sandstone. Red because of the bedding of the iron oxides nears the mining locations and Agra Red Sandstone because it shares a deep connection with the city of Agra, and that so defines its name.

The sand composition, which mostly consists of quartz, is very similar to Agra Red Textured Sandstone. Silk, calcium carbonate, and or iron oxide typically form the natural cementing substance that connects the sand as forming a Red Sandstone rock.

Moreover, this stone’s feasibility can be acknowledged when considering various situations the stone has to abide through. Be it a sunny day, or a monsoon rain, or it can be any natural storm, this stone has never shown the weathering effects. Till the date, if we tend to notice the same in reference to Delhi’s Red Fort or the Agra Fort. Some impressive properties like its durability, its resistance to water and acid, its toughness, its lesser-known weathering effects, and resistance from scratches. It provides excellent finishing, high strength, and high performance, and most of all, its outstanding widespread availability is what defines its feasibility in all terms. Hence, This Red Sandstone is a hard-wearing stone with color conformity and a modern look.

Dholpur Red Textured Sandstone is known to be one of the stones used for construction sightings because it is an easy carvery and cut stone that can basically withstand the surgery construction sightings seem to offer.

It is also a famous stone amongst building decorative structures and some wondrous artifacts. As they are proven right for construction, these stones are usually suitable for diverse uses. In the design of beams, Sandstone slabs, walls, pillars, and moldings for roof installation, pavement, Sandstone tiling, paneling, ornamental stones, monuments, Red Sandstone flooring, etc.

This stone can basically be used for locales like business centers, hotels, individual houses, and also resorts or landscapes. Agra Red Sandstone is majorly acquired and famous for its qualities and look. It is made from high-quality Red Sandstone rocks, and this stone is available in many shapes, sizes, and designs.

Product Specification – Agra Red Sandstone

ClassificationSand Stone
Offered inBlock, Slabs, and Tiles
Finishes OfferedNatural, Sandblasted, Honed, Brushed
Standard SpecificationsRandom Slabs 2cm and 3cm thick
Cut to size tiles 20mm and 30mm Thick 30 x 30 60 x 30 40 x 40 60 x 40 60 x 30cm 60 x 40cm
Tailor-Made SpecificationsPossible
Recommended ApplicationsInteriors & Exteriors
Delivery2 to 3 weeks
Quarry DepositCompact
Quarry ExcavationBlocks
Chisel SplittingNot Possible
Gang Saw SawingPossible
Carved ArticlesPossible
SuitabilityMedium to Low Traffic

Further, Misty, Sandblasted, Sawn-sliced, Tumbled, Rock faced, Natural Cleft, Bush hammered, Weather-edge, Trembled, etc. are referred to as various surface finishes for this Dholpur Red Textured Sandstone. 

Vardman Industries is one of the leading Agra Red Stone suppliers, certified exporters, and manufacturers in the market dealing with exporting the Agra Red Sandstone to international clients.

These Red Sandstones are high in demand, and when it comes to the quality we offer, the stone will itself a proof that it is a 100% naturally extracted piece of goodness. Available in the form of Red Sandstone India, that incurs a wide range of colors, designs, patterns, and surfaces when considered using it in different locales.

So what are you waiting for? A garden pathway, a roofing installation, a monumental construction, or if anything else includes your list of tasks, we, one of the largest Agra Red Stone Suppliers, are just a call away. Highlight your wish list with a touch of Agra Red Sandstone texture and let your premises shine bright and fulfilling. Also, Customization is always an offering for clients who are creatively able to design the structure.

Get the best in class products with some amazing Red Agra Stone prices and fulfill your desire for beautiful decor, both interior and exterior. You need to submit the following form, and our Customer Service Representative will respond in a minimum of time.

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