It is an excellent choice for people who want a natural, earthy look in their garden


About this Product -COIN BLACK Granite

Coin Black Granite is a solid and durable surface that is perfect for any kitchen or bathroom. This material is made from granite slabs, which are cut in to small pieces and then polished using specialized machinery to create the finish you see.

The natural stone finish is easy to maintain and will look great for years without needing any maintenance. The slabs are also easy to install, making it possible to create large areas of countertops in minutes. This material is resistant to stains and wear, so it can be used in high traffic areas like kitchens or bathrooms. It can also be cut and shaped easily, making it ideal for creating custom designs on counters tops.

The look of this product is very similar to natural stone, but it offers more durability and strength than traditional types of stone products do. It has an extremely smooth finish that looks good no matter where you place it on your countertop. The coin black granite is an excellent choice for people who want a natural, earthy look in their garden. It has a dark grey color that’s perfect for adding a modern touch to any landscaping project.

The Coin Black Granite collection is available in multiple sizes, thicknesses and shapes to fit your home’s design needs.

Product Specification -COIN BLACK Granite 




10-50 MM




Countertops, Flooring

Surface Finishes

Bush Hammered, Flamed, Polished

Stone Form



Durable, High Strength

Country Of Origin

Made In India

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