The Colombo Juparana Granite is very durable and can withstand constant use without wearing out or cracking.


About this Product -COLOMBO JUPARANA Granite

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka. It is located about 330 km south of the Indian Ocean, and was once an important trading center for the ancient maritime Silk Route. The city is also known as “The Pearl of the South”. The major tourist attraction of Colombo is the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Kandy, Sri Lanka. Colombo is also known as a gemstone city because of its many precious stone factories.

Colombo Juparana Granite has been manufactured from pure quartzite since 1834 by a renowned German chemist named Dr. C.Jupina who was employed by the German government to develop the industry in Kandy, Sri Lanka. In 1890, there were only two quartzite quarries in Kandy, but by 1900 there were five quarries producing over half a million tons annually from jadeite and other minerals that occur in abundance along with quartzite from this area of Sri Lanka.

Kandy quartzite has been used for centuries for making beautiful jewelry and decorative objects such as statues and vases. It is a smooth Polished granite that has many features of natural stone. It comes in several colors, and the most popular color is white. It has a simple design that can be used for countertops or bathroom vanities. The Colombo Juparana Granite is very durable and can withstand constant use without wearing out or cracking.

The Colombo Juparana Granite is also very easy to install, because it is not porous, so it will not stain or stain easily. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you get a product that lasts for a lifetime and does not need to be replaced every few years like other types of stone products do.

Product Specification -COLOMBO JUPARANA Granite




10-50 MM


Grey – Golden


Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom Vanity, Backsplash, Fireplace, Surround, Flooring, Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

Surface Finishes

Polished, Leather, Honed, Flamed, Antique, Bush Hammered, Flamed & Brush

Stone Form

Slabs, Tiles


Durable, High Strength

Country Of Origin

Made In India

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