Granite is one of those interesting Indian natural stones found in the earth’s continental crust. Great interior and exterior infrastructural architecture, then Granites sound the best.

About Granite

Granite is one of those interesting Indian natural stones found in the earth’s continental crust. Most of the granites seem to have formed either by melting, partial melting, metamorphism of the parent rock shale, or sandstone. Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock made of crystals and many kinds of minerals. There are known to be many types of minerals in granite some are small, some are shiny, and some have long veins of color. Some of the minor essential ingredients to name are – muscovite, biotite, amphibole, and pyroxene. The principal component present in granite is feldspar.

Moreover, only rocks containing more than 20 per cent of quartz are qualified as Granites. These major minerals play an immense role in providing colors and patterns to different granites. Colors and tones like, black, brown, beige, blue, pink, green, white, red, grey, gold, purple, yellow and many other shades were covering all the colors mentioned above.

Granites are popularly acknowledged as the most resistant stones. Resistant from water, scratching, staining, antibacterial possessions, and etching. It can also resist heat and fire, unlike any other natural stone. Though it holds a lot of good side to its resistant properties still this stone if sealed properly adds up to the great level of absorption Granites can also be effortlessly polished, and surface finished easily. The only precaution one needs to take when considering granite is to avoid bleaches and hard household cleaners.

Granites are called size stones. They are famous by this name because they can be easily cut and carved into various shapes, sizes and patterns. Granites are found as dimension stones, crushed stones, constructional materials and decorative and architectural stones. The wide and vast variety of dimensional stone found its way in residential, commercial, and historical buildings. It is a prestigious material in the building industry.

Certain defined uses for granite tiles are – its applications as wall panels, flooring, mantelpieces, staircases, tombstones, monuments, mosaic tiles, building, ornamental stones, fountain surroundings, kitchen countertops and many others. When used as kitchen countertops, granites offer endless possibilities in the light of the distinctive colors, patterns, meaningful combinations etc. It also enhances the backsplashes in the kitchen areas. And if used as paving stones, it makes outstanding and colorful patterned driveways and walkways.

Granites are certainly manifested as great grave marking stones because of its durability and performance.

Crushed stones, conversely, are used in the base work of highways and road constructions. They are used in the base work of construction slabs, and sewage system drains, landscaping, etc.

Nowadays, granite stone is high in demand because of its resistant power, color combinations, huge variety, and humongous amount of uses. This stone can be easily cut and carved and customized according to one’s needs. 

Granite does endure other uses like psychological parameters like they improve the overall health, and vibes of the place of installation. It can be added as a hanging on the top of your entry door as it has the capabilities of threatening the evil forces trying to enter and spoil the positive vibe. This stone is known for its abundance power. As Granites are born from the earth’s continental crust, they hold the power of the planet, and it does help in calming the mind and rekindling the valuable relationships.

Vardman Industries, a certified Indian Natural Granites, exporter, supplier, and a manufacturer in India, brings to you a certain range of quality Granites for your spaces.  We believe in providing our customers with variety along with the quality that they would love to embrace when our granite tiles are in place at their respective premises, either individually or may be a combination. 

All the tiles and slabs are available at reasonable rates, as concerning the accurate thickness, shape and sizes, withstanding the packaging and shipment formalities.

Our clients are the ones that are proudly buying the granites again and again from Vardman Industries as their top priority organization. And respecting that, we adhere to certain guidelines that will always heighten our clientele’ trust obliging the material we provide.

Looking forward to a great interior and exterior infrastructural architecture, then Granites sound the best.


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