Indian Marble vs Italian Marble

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So, you prefer marble and who wouldn’t? Granite lovers, I guess. Jokes aside, marble flooring and kitchen countertops simply make your home look so beautiful and attractive as well as amplify its aesthetic values. And it is not just the look, but marble also feels so good to touch. It is a great way to give your home a refreshing touch or to reinvent the existing space in the home that may have started to appear dull. 

When it comes to choosing the marble you either would want to have a delicate and regal marble for floors and kitchen tops. Simply due to their slight superiority over the synthetic vitrified and porcelain tiles. Furthermore, the delicate and regal marble are available in a wide range of colors and varieties to choose from to suit your taste and preferences. Still when it is all said and you will likely find yourself having to choose between the very best Indian marble and the Italian marble.

So, how do you decide on this? Simply, by checking our detailed analysis on both below.

What are Indian Marbles?

Taj Mahal anyone? Built by the Mughals in the 16th Century, the Taj Mahal is undeniably the best representation of Indian marble. The marble for its construction was quarried from the mines of several Indian states such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh. Going by the stature of the Taj Mahal itself, there can be no denying that the Indian marbles are both Porsche looking and aesthetically pleasing as well as beautiful and attractive. The Indian marbles quarried from the above mentioned states come in a wide variety in the range of colors and veins.

Indian Makrana Marble

Now, let us have a brief look at some of the most in-demand Indian marbles.

The Makrana marble: This marble is mostly found in the small town of Jaipur named Makrana is popular for its serene white shades.

The Ambaji marble: This pure white color Indian natural stone marble with light grey veins is known for its impeccable quality and is mostly quarried from the rock marble mines located in Gujarat.

What are Italian Marbles?

Unlike their Indian counterpart, Indian marbles are known for their natural high luster and crystallized appearances. It more or less provides a dream-like look to your home décor. Besides, it is comparatively much more delicate and porous in comparison to the Indian marbles. Most of the Italian marbles come from places in Northern Italy and then are eventually sent to India in slabs.

Italian Marble

Owing to its softness of the stone, the Italian marbles can be used to grace your home with a luxurious touch. It is known to be used for nooks and corners of the house decorations by many people. However, owing to the same softness, it is advisable to not use the Italian marbles for the kitchen countertops. As it is much more prone to staining when compared to the Indian marble.

Let us look at some great choices in the Italian marble.

The Statuario Italian Marble: These marbles sourced mainly from the Northern regions of Italy. It is known for their delicate characteristics and pure white color with either grey or gold veins.

The Botticino Italian Marble: This Italian marble is known for providing a luxurious outlook to our homes with its golden hue that has an illuminating glow from within.

Comparison between Italian Marble and Indian Marble

Still, if you are unsure about choosing between the two then here are some key comparisons between the two to help you finalize your selection.

Indian vs Italian Marble

Durability: When it comes to durability, the sturdier Indian marble should be a definite pick over the Italian marble that is composed of softer stone.

Variety: Both are available in a wide variety of range. However, Italian marbles are mostly imported and there the cost of them may vary from place to place.

Appearance: Although the Indian marble looks good and provides a semi luster finish. It simply pales in comparison to the luxurious appeal provided by the softer stones that are the Italian marbles.

Price: Coming at an average of Rs. 80/- per square foot, Indian marbles comes very cheaply when compared to the Rs. 350/- per square foot starting price of the Italian marbles.

At last, you are more likely to have an easy time deciding between choosing Indian marble or Italian marble as your design options. Also, for the best marble at an excellent price, you can contact Vardman Industries Indian natural stone exporter and manufacturer.

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