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About Limestone

Limestones are sedimentary rocks that include an amazing blend of calcium carbonate minerals, calcite and chemical composition of CaCo3. Limestones are generally formed in the clean, calm, warm, and shallow environment that inclines us towards the deep marine water containers like Pacific Ocean Islands, Persian Gulf, Indian Oceans, etc.

Appealingly, the formation of stone occurs underneath when the organisms are capable of forming shells and bones made out of calcium carbonate minerals. Therefore, When these organisms are dead, Limestones are lithified. And the byproduct from this process of formation is known as Biological Limestones. Also, Biological Limestones have a different name to its dictionary, referred to as Organic Sedimentary Rocks. On the other hand, some limestones are formed by direct precipitation or evaporation procedure of calcium carbonate minerals and freshwater, popularly known as Chemical Limestones. 

The above process, whether evaporation or biological, includes cementation as one of the main criteria applicable to form a rock. If not, then the collection of grains will be no use as a serving.

Further, An important information persists that all the limestones contain small quartz grains, feldspar, clay, minerals, delivered to the site of stream, currents and wave action. But still, Its origin is not mostly the rock version, due to the presence of necessary fossils. And because of this, you will rarely find any limestone in its actual natural stone color, i.e. white as there are the impurities that are always present inside the limestones. Impurities such as clay, sand, organic remains, iron oxides, etc. that cause limestones to exhibit different colors such as tan, white, brown, yellow and many more.

Limestones are recognizably strong, dense and resistant to harsh weather conditions. It’s a durable type of stone and comes with various distinctive surface exposures, making it a convenient stone to be applicable for varied uses and applications.

Most limestones are crushed stones and are applied as construction materials, road bases, railroad ballasts etc. It is also fixed in a kiln in order to make cement as well.

Some other applications include the limestones as Dimension Stones. Blocks and slabs of specific dimensions are used in construction and architectural purposes to face stone, window sills, and floor tiles with regards to being the common formation of limestones considered.

Other forms of applications are roofing granules, portland cement, agricultural purposes- animal feed filler, etc.

Besides, powdered forms of limestones are used in paints, plastics, paper and rubber formations. Also used as a sorbent in many coal-burning facilities.

A tough and hard structured stone usually found deep in the shallow waters is usually identified as a calming stone when it comes to seeking peace in your surroundings. Followed by its foundings in nature, this stone definitely owns some healing properties that will leave you with an awe feeling when placed at your interior and exterior architectural structures.

Vardman Industries, a certified Indian Natural Limestone, exporter, supplier, and a manufacturer in India, brings you a specific range of limestones. To name some of them – Lime Peacock Limestone, Kota Brown Limestone, Tandur Grey Limestone, Lime Pink Limestones and many more. We believe in providing our customers with variety along with the quality that they would love to embrace when our limestones are in place at their respective premises. 

All the Limestones are available at reasonable rates, as concerning the accurate thickness, shape and sizes, withstanding the packaging and shipment formalities.

Our clients are the ones that are proudly buying the limestones again and again from Vardman Industries as their top priority organization. And respecting that, we adhere to certain guidelines that will always heighten the trust of our clientele obliging the material we provide.

Lime black limestone

Lime Black Limestone

Black Limestone is mechanically very resistant, strong, dense, moderate to considerably fine-grained planktonic sedimentary rocks. With soft flattened edges and a rustic textured finish, it is a rare descended tile.

Kota Blue limestone

Kota Blue Limestone

Due to its elegant shade of green and bluish green, Kota Blue limestone is a prevalent stone available. This Kota blue stone is very rough, semi absorbent, non-slip, and has outstanding removability of stain.

Tandur Yellow limestone

Tandur Yellow Limestone

Limestone is a pleasant honey finish with a delicate texture and a charming look, often called French Vanilla. Found in all shapes, designs, and styles. Lime Yellow, an impressive and sophisticated stone.

lime pink limestone

Pink Limestone

The Lime Pink Limestone will easily change any surroundings, featuring itself as a delicate pink stone with a striking texture. The pink tone produces a glamorous, royal aura that will leave you in absolute bliss.

Lime black limestone

Lime black Limestone

Fine-Grained, sedimentary rock Lime Black Limestone is a marvelous stone awed for its presence in landscaping projects or some exceptional kitchen slabs or fountain stone projects. Are you ready to design your surroundings?

Tandur Grey limestone

Tandur Grey Limestone

Tandur Grey limestone is a grayish-blue limestone. The top of the stone is highly polished, and the other surface is left naturally unused. It is even appropriate for wall coverings, doorway, terrace, paving, etc.

lime Green limestone

lime Green limestone

Found in south India, this green colored stone is known by names like Lime Green and Lime Green Medium. This Green Limestone boasts a package of splendid textures and unusual looks, valuable enough to change the overall normalization.

lime peacock limestone

lime peacock limestone

The charm and elegance of this tone provide your surroundings with is everyone dreams for. Lime Peacock Limestone is definitely a beauty found in south India. Available with the finest quality.

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