Marble vs. Granite: Which is best for your Countertop?

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When we are building our home. A lot of us have a hard time deciding on countertops for the kitchen and bathroom. And it is no secret. That a lot of times our choices come down to selecting between the marble vs the granite countertops. Therefore, people often find themselves stuck in a pickle where they are unsure of which natural stone to choose. The reason people find themselves end up with these two countertops is that both marble and granite are not only the most popular countertop. But also the most beautiful and attractive and adds an immense aesthetic element to your home.

Still, the question remains as to which countertop of the two is best suited for your home. As both the marble and the granite are a durable and versatile stone that is ideal for kitchen countertops. And to help you figure it out yourself. I am exclusively covering all the nitty-gritty details regarding both marble and granite. Starting from detailing the durability of both the natural stones.

Marble vs Granite: Which One is More Durable?

When we are talking durability between marble and granite. Let’s get straight to the point, i.e., granite wins the durability test comfortability. But this doesn’t mean marble is far back down in the competition. Both the materials display good resistance to heat. Now, it doesn’t mean that you do not practice precautions. And put anything such as a hot pan directly on either surface. The repeated occurrence of such activities could damage both surfaces. The only reason granite wins the durability test. Due to its slightly better performance in showing resistance to scratching and chipping.

Since we now have an understanding of the durability of both the natural stones, let’s check the other important aspects of the two starting from some key differences between marble and granite.

Marble vs Granite: Differences Between the Two

The key difference between the marble and the granite is that both have an overall different appearance. And can be easily differentiated from the difference in color between the two.

Marble Countertops

Granite, usually, is composed of different grains of materials and one can comfortably notice the grains on its surfaces. Versatility of the granite extremely as it is available in a wide range of patterns and colors. Granite appears differently while displaying hues typically in medium to dark shades of blue, orange, red, green, brown, burgundy, etc.

Granite Countertops

In comparison to granite, marble displays more consistency in terms of color due to the veins running through it. These veins are formed due to the presence of impurities like iron oxide in it.

Price of Marble vs Granite Countertop

A lot of times our preferences are affected the cost pricing of anything we are looking to purchase. Natural stones such as marble and granite are no different. If you compare the two, then marble is undoubtedly costlier than granite as the granite usually averages at Rs. 60/- whereas marble cost averages at Rs. 80/-. Nevertheless, the actual price of both the marble as well as the granite countertop depends upon how complex the job is. That is the style of sinks you prefer and the number of joints and corners you want.

Granite vs Marble: Pros and Cons

Besides, the durability and the difference in appearances between the two. Here are some of the pros and cons regarding both to further help you finalize your choice.

  • Granite has more potential to withstand recklessness and therefore is better than marble
  • If you want your countertops to look more sophisticated and polished then marble is best suited for you than granite.
  • Similarly, if your kitchen is used to staying messy most of the time then granite is the

Best option for you.

Keeping all of this in mind, have an easy time deciding between choosing either marble or granite as your countertop options. Also, for the best marble and granite at best price, you can contact Vardman Industries Indian natural stone exporter and manufacturer.

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