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Vardman Industries offers best quality Ceramic – PorceLain Tiles and Slab which is high in durability and low in maintenance.

About Ceramic-Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are nothing but a lesser dense part of ceramic tiles, the natural stone found in India.

Porcelain tile is especially fascinating because it can replicate typical flooring materials, including granite, wood or marble. 

With porcelain floor tiling you will now get the appearance of a stone flooring with some of the greater additional benefits. 

Porcelain tiles can gift any space a very cool and trendy touch. These tiles are highly appreciated for its flexibility, which can spruce up the walls and floors. Porcelain floor tiles, however, usually are larger, heavier and more difficult than other wall panels. Also, these tiles may often be seen indoors and outside, but they are frequently used outside in the areas near water parks and terraces.

Porcelain is a longer-lasting type of tile in reference to other common tiling materials. They are also moisture-resistant and this makes them an excellent option for restrooms and other watercourses in your home and shopping areas. Moreover, Porcelain tiles are freeze tolerant, and fire resistant-they will not combust or emit sparks. For this reason, they are often suitable for outdoor use and can survive hazardous conditions.

There are various types of custom porcelain tiles available outside in the market. They all are equally categorized under the banner of efficiently abled tiles in regards to beautifying your space.

Glazed Porcelain Tile

The type of glazed porcelain tiles available in the market is – matte or semi-polished porcelain tiles. It’s clearly possible that these glazed tiles can be produced via many processes, and the glazes can have some solid colour or a gloss or high-quality porcelain tile with matte finish style. There is no need for a further operation or coating following the porcelain tile has indeed been layered.

Unglazed Porcelain tiles

The dried and pigmented gritty clay provides unglazed porcelain tiles injected into a furnace and then compressed and launched. This method of development produces porcelain tiles where there may be a different pattern for each tile. Usually, unglazed porcelain tiles are also not in need of any alternative care and it does not necessarily need sealing.

Digital Printed Porcelain Tiles

Another kind of glazed porcelain tile is called digitally printed porcelain. This is the new tile manufacturing technique that enables real materials to be illustrated and projected on the tile technologically to produce images that are organic in the presentation. It is also not important to seal these tiles.

Colour Bodied Porcelain Tiles

Colour bodied porcelain tiles slabs are a form of tiles in which the colour and design of the tile run through to the provided shape, with a single colour from the top to the foundation of the tile. Further, By compressing different components of clay along, double-loaded tiles are made. For heavy traffic areas, these sheets are found to be perfect.

Vardman Industries, the certified, manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, holds experience in dealing with porcelain tile slabs in India. Vardman Industries delivers the back pack to address all the specifications when it comes to tiling procedure inclusive of the original concept ideas to guidance on cleaning and servicing and the usable project materials. Also, we offer these porcelain mosaic tile ranges at the best price of exporting quality. Constant innovation and leading-edge production define our approach and tiles range.

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Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles are usable in more colors, designs, and good surface finish, including wooden grains, and alike real stone-like tiles- these tiles also have the edge when it comes to presentation. These tiles are denser, louder, and more water-impermeable, so they are the best option for the countertop layers, and also they include excellent heat protection in the course.

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are by far the most common wood deck alternatives for every room, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor or office, because they are a very tolerant and above all resilient material to any setting, and they are obtainable in the most varied colors.  It is especially crucial to take into account the qualities which characterize ceramics because there are different styles.

Porcelain tiles

Vitrified Tiles

“Vitrification” is the terminology that represents the undertaken process. These tiles are available in different colors and styles and are always up for the customization factor when it comes to fulfilling the customer requirements. Considered very resistant when it comes to the scratching framework. The expression ‘vitri,’ meaning anything like minding to glass.’


Hammerstone Nero


Hammerstone Beige


Hammerstone Grey


Country Gris


Country Antrecite

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