Sandstone Vs. Limestone: Best For Paving

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What is Natural Stone Paving?

Natural Stone Paving is the form of outdoor paving in which naturally occurring stones on the surface of the earth is used for making driveways, gardens, pavements, and patios, etc. These naturally found stones are sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, travertine, and even basalt. Of these, the best ones suited for paving are the sandstone and limestone that are available in abundance throughout the world. But still, you must know the difference between sandstone vs limestone paving to have the most desired outcome. And in the post, we will be covering exactly that and by the end of it, you’ll have a fair idea about choosing the right paving materials.

About Sandstone

Sandstone Paving

Sandstone is the most commonly found natural stone around the world. It is sedimentary that is mainly of various minerals and sand like pieces of rock. They are on the planet earth for over a million years lying on the river beds, lakes, and oceans combined with muds. India, Australia, the USA, Africa, and Central Europe are the main regions containing this type of rock and stone.

Benefits of Sandstone

Sandstone is a much more durable and long-lasting material than man-made concretes.

·   It is also not as hard as granite and marble and therefore, allows it to be cut down in desired shapes and sizes.

·   Sandstones are recyclable materials that can be used in various places.

·   They are very affordable in comparison to the other natural stones such as granite, marble, and limestones.

·   Owing to its natural grainy texture, sandstones are a great option for poolside surroundings.

·   It absorbs minimal water and remains unaffected even from the harsh weather conditions.

·   A great option for paving

About Limestone

Found under the seas, Limestones are natural made stones formed due to the pressurized sedimentary rocks. They are highly durable natural stones mostly found in India, the USA, Western Europe, Australia regions. It also displays a great variation in color due to the several impurities present in it at the time of its formation.

Limestone Paving

Benefits of Limestone

·   Its durability has known to have stood the test of times through the various old structures, churches, and museums, etc.

·   Unlike sandstone, it has a flattened and smooth surface. This makes it a great choice for driveways and indoor surfaces.

·   Just like sandstone, limestone as well absorbs minimal water and can stand through intense weather conditions.

·   Limestone is also a great choice for paving.

Difference Between Limestone Paving and Sandstone Paving

As we know, both limestone and sandstone are great options for paving. Both are even great types of stone for pavement, driveways, and garden areas. However, there is a slight difference between the limestone and the sandstone paving. To understand that we will have to see through the comparison done below.

·   In terms of versatility, both are well known for it. Sandstone offers great contemporary and traditional options for paving, patios, gardens, and outdoors. On the other hand, limestone fits as a great choice for both internal and external surfaces such as flooring, driveways, patios, pathways, gardens, and stepping stones, etc.

·   Both are highly durable stones and can withstand rough weather conditions. However, limestone displays slightly better durability than sandstone.

·   Maintenance wise both limestone and sandstone are not demanding at all, especially sandstone.

·   When it comes to color and pattern, sandstone wins big with its vast array of colors available to pick from.

·   A significant difference between limestone and sandstone is due to its surface texture. The former has a flattened and smoother surface whereas the latter has roughness on its surface. The difference is definitely due to the presence of the coarse sand granules in it.

·   Sandstone also comes a lot cheaper than limestone and can be more easily cut into desired shapes and sizes.

Who Wins?

Overall, both are many similarities and unique uses but sandstone turns out to be the best choice. This is mainly due to the huge gap in their average square foot cost. This doesn’t mean limestone is not good, rather it is just more expensive. Either way, you can find the best deals on both at the Vardman Industries Indian natural stone exporter and manufacturer.

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