Confused between Shale and Slate?, Yes, in prehistoric times, shale was known to be an interchangeable form of Slate. But as time went by a fine line of distinction was made between the two.

About Slate

The differentiating parameter can be referred to as shale being the parent rock from which Slate is formed. If visually someone is stuck to trace the distinctive feature, it will be easier to identify both when hammered. Slate, when hammered, emits a ring vibration and Shale when hammered emits a dull thud. Therefore, Slate is our word.

Slate is a metamorphic rock formed out by compressing sedimentary rock, mudstone or basalt. It contains quartz, small amounts of feldspar, pyrite, hematite, calcite and some other minerals.

These minerals are the ones that are responsible for the color shades that a slate showcases. Another reason that determines the shades of slate colors is the type and amount of iron oxides and organic material present surrounding the mining area. Some of the coloring shades of Slate are gloominess in the tones from light grey to dark grey, emphasising green, red, black, purple, brown, etc. An interesting fact is that parent rock compressed under the metamorphic condition is what provides the Slate with its actual color and texture.

As known, there are various uses and applications when considering Slate as an Indian natural stone material. In earlier times, this slate stone was used for writing purposes in the schools as blackboards. Slates were also bought in use for pinning up the notice, list out daily and upcoming events, menus and activities or prices of different articles. These slate stones are known for two of its applications. First, Dimension slates and second, crushed slates. Dimension slate stones are used for electric panels, laboratory tabletops, roofing, flooring, interior, and exterior architectural creative purposes like staircase, blackboards, walkways, and wall cladding. Slates also make good application stones for garden pathways. On the other hand, crushed slate stones were used for composition roofing and filler purposes. 

Slate stones are the stones that can be easily cut and carved into thin sheets and they absorb minimal moisture. As new architecture is confined to high-end projects and prestigious architectural needs, therefore, this stone portrays itself as an appealing and charming stone that gives an awe-inspiring vibe with regards to the look and feel.

Slates are beautiful and elegant natural slate stones that stand out for creating a real estate value for your respective installation. With its amazing hues of colors available, it definitely spreads its uniqueness through each and every flooring design that takes place.

Slate stone holds its value when it comes to the building constructions, as this stone is a good electric insulator and it does great with fireproofing. It tends to work well with radiant heat, and that is why it makes a good bathroom flooring or wall stone.

Its placement is difficult to replace or repair as one because the color availability might occur as on difficulty terms because of the different shades of shales available and secondly, because the flooring of the slates does require sealing of the slabs more often, can be recognized as once every year. 

Slates are resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks, and chips, but a little maintenance is what is required with slates being the sealed pieces of attraction. 

Vardman Industries, a certified Indian Natural Slates, exporter, supplier, and a manufacturer in India, brings you a certain range of slate stones. To name some of them – Lime Peacock Limestone, Kota Brown Limestone, Tandur Grey Limestone, Lime Pink Limestones and many more. We believe in providing our customers with variety along with the quality that they would love to embrace when our slate stones are in place at their respective premises. 

All the slate stones are available at reasonable rates, as concerning the accurate thickness, shape and sizes, withstanding the packaging and shipment formalities.

Our clients are the ones that are proudly buying the slate stones again and again from Vardman Industries as their top priority organization. And respecting that, we adhere to certain guidelines that will always heighten the trust of our clientele obliging the material we provide.

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