It is a natural stone that can be used to create a classic or modern look in the most practical way


About this Product -STEEL GREY Granite

Steel grey granite is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It is most often used for commercial projects as it can be easily coloured to create an elegant look. Steel grey granite can also be used in residential projects as it will not fade over time and it is easy to maintain. It can be used on stairs and other areas where a darker color would be appropriate.

It is a natural stone that can be used to create a classic or modern look in the most practical way. The color of steel grey granite is comprised of several different shades of grey, ranging from light to dark. The lighter shades are more common and are often referred to as “electric” steel grey granite.

The darker shades are often referred to as “suntan” or “sailboat” steel grey granite. This name comes from the fact that these darker shades have an orange-brown undertone with a yellowish brown cast that makes them appear like they are covered in sun tan lotion.

Steel grey granite was discovered in England during the 17th century and has since become one of the most popular colors for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities throughout the world today.

This granite is available in both natural and synthetic forms, though we recommend using natural stones when possible because they’re more durable than their synthetic counterparts and will last longer without needing to be replaced later on down the line.

Product Specification -STEEL GREY Granite




10-50 MM




Countertops, Mosaics, Wall, Floor, Fountain, Capping, Stairs, And Window Sills

Surface Finishes

Polished, Lepatora, Honed, Flamed, Bush-Hammered, Brushed, And Leather

Stone Form



Durable, Smooth Surface

Country Of Origin

Made In India

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