Teak SandStone

Smooth light yellow veined sandstone. Ideal for paving , fireplaces. step risers pool copings. Available in different sizes and shapes.

Teak Sandstone
Teak Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone
Teakwood Sandstone

About this Product – Teak Sandstone

Teakwood Natural Sandstone as the name suggests, represents the texture of wood combined with the teakwood sandstone properties. This sandstone is smooth, light yellow veined sandstone. Teakwood Sawn Indian Sandstone is one out of the group of various varieties of paving sandstones and with its powerful and eccentric colouring, it leaves a mark of true declaration.

It is smoothly sawn on all six sides to make it absolutely safe and smooth while still standing secure and non-slippery. The texture of teakwood sawn sandstone, which resembles wood texture, catches almost everyone’s interest. It is also an ideal choice to use around pools because it provides non-slip surface amenities and is flat on the surface, which significantly protects against pool slippage.

Golden Teakwood Sandstone paving is a fine and smooth sandstone holding a golden hue that is spread throughout its surface, giving this Indian sandstone a refined wooden appearance. It is also known as Khatu Teakwood Sandstone and is a perfect outdoor content, specifically for surroundings around the lake. Its toughness and right-winged teakwood sandstone properties also make it ideal for pavement, flooring and wall coverings outdoors. 

The brownish colour offers an old oak-like wood finish which provides the customer with a luxurious feeling with a hammered sandblasting surface. The teakwood sandstone flooring is not well polished but is comprehensive in the production of garden ornaments because of the soft structure and the exceptionally smooth rock. These stones are also suitable both for indoor and outdoor floors in houses and retail centres.

Further, All teakwood sandstone blocks can be carefully trimmed to the exact size as desired by customers.

In the end, Teakwood Natural Sandstone is a great choice for those who want something entirely special and tough to access elsewhere. It’s almost a rare sandstone as its patterning is so delicate and exquisite. No two dormitories are the same, which, each time takes you closer to noticing the Divine creations this universe has to offer.

Product Specification – Teak Sandstone

ClassificationSand Stone
Offered inSteps, Palisades, Block, Slab and Tiles
Finishes OfferedSawn, Sandblasted, Honed, Polished, Brushed, Bush hammered, Vibrated, Tumbled
Standard Specifications

Steps: 100/150/200X35X15

Palisades: 25/30/50/75/100/125/150/200X12, 100X20X8, 100X25X8

Tiles: Cut to Size 2cm, 3cm

30×30, 60×30, 40×40, 60×40 , 60×60

Patio Pack

Possible (set contains 2pcs of 56×84.5 , 2pcs of 56×56 , 4pcs of 27.5×56, 4pcs of 27.5×27.5)

Other combinations also possible as per requirement

Tailor-Made SpecificationsPossible
Recommended ApplicationsInteriors

For standard material 3 to 4 weeks

For non standard sizes depends on the size and finish required.

Quarry DepositCompact
Quarry ExcavationBlocks
Chisel SplittingNot Possible
Gang Saw SawingPossible
Carved ArticlesPossible (Only in Polished on honed finish)
SuitabilityMedium to Low Traffic
ConsistencyConsistent Variation in color as per the pictures

Vardman Industries, certified exporter, supplier and manufacturer of unique sandstones offers this sandstone in finishes like honed, natural, polished and brushed. As per the customers’ requirement, this golden toned sandstone is offered in different shapes, thicknesses and sizes. 

The pricing for this sandstone is available according to the shape, thickness, and size our clientele is looking for. But, along with not sacrificing our quality, we provide this stone with the best and reasonable rates available in the competitive market.

As these sandstones are capable of increasing the landscape’s look to an aesthetic degree in various business and residential institutions, Our teakwood sandstones are polished and engineered for the longevity, fine finish and sleek architecture of our additive manufacturing machine. 

If you are looking forward to this teakwood sandstone to embrace your living space. You can connect with anytime and our executives will be available to help you in analyzing the details related to the particular sandstone.

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