The Different Types of Stone Flooring

by Natural Stone

When it comes to stone flooring materials. Nothing comes close to the beauty, elegance, and grandeur appearance provided by the natural stone flooring. They are seemingly found on the surfaces of the earth. Mainly due to serving mankind as the best flooring material option. Each of the stones is characterized by its unique pattern and grains. From rough to smoothness, porous to dense, natural stone flooring provides a lot of choices.

Also, there are different types of stone flooring that you can check below:


Formed due to the pressurized rocks under the sea. These sedimentary rock and stones pack a great deal of variety in terms of color. Its color variation ranges from cream to charcoal. These are some of the most commonly found natural stone flooring options. As these make a good company for any kind of décor.


Limestone is known to be porous in nature and has a flat and smooth surface. It represents the beauty of a natural stone floor completely with its polished looks. Moreover, one of the advantages of using limestone flooring is that it is easy to clean and requires less maintenance.


Marble stone flooring is an undisputed example of timeless beauty. Not only it serves as one of the great options for natural stone flooring. But it is the perfect choice for anyone seeking an ambiance for both antiquity and luxury. The pure white marbles are known for their pristine looks. Whereas the darker shades marbles are known for providing a distinctively unique look. The only downside of the marble stone flooring is that they come at a very high price in compared to the rest.


Granite stone flooring is renowned for its beautiful natural grains. Moreover, these hard edged stones display a high resistance that makes them a great choice for both internal and external flooring. Granite comes in several colors such as green, black, galaxy, and pearl.

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Thus, it also provides a wide availability. The beauty of granite stone lies in its polishing where the more you keep it polished, the better it looks. Although it comes on the expensive side. You can get it a great deal from the local Vardman Industries Indian natural stone exporter and manufacturer.


Slate is a porous type of natural stone that is easier to cut and turn into sheets. Largely available in colors of gold, grey and black slates have a highly resistant surface. Due to this, these natural stones are suited for both dry and wet surface flooring. Slate requires moderate maintenance from time to time and is mostly used in the living room, dining, hallway, etc.


If there is one natural stone, i.e., more common than the limestone, it is the sandstone. Not only is it the most widely available natural stone, but it is also much cheaper than limestone. Combine that with the wide varieties of colors and grain it offers for selection. You have your best chance at the best option for the natural stone flooring. 

Sandstone is also highly durable and doesn’t require much maintenance due to its self preservation properties. Besides that, the beauty of the natural stone floor done by sandstone is that it renders a distinctive natural look to the surface due to its rock type characteristics. Another advantage of sandstone flooring is that it can be easily shaped and sized as per your desired requirement. 


Travertine is another good choice for natural stone flooring. It looks like limestone and provides a good outlook to the pool surrounds, paving, and walkways. The benefit of the travertine stone flooring is that due to its porous characteristics, it doesn’t heat up easily. This natural stone is available in gold, ivory, and cream colors. It is mostly crafted and used for modern decors, especially outdoor flooring.

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