Modak Sandstone

Aesthetically textured and anti slippery, available in colors like pink, rose, honey, and terracotta.  Rich in colors and durability.

Modak Sandstone Vardman
Modak Sandstone Vardman

About this Product – Modak Sandstone

Often known as Nevada Colorado Sandstone or Modak Sandstone has a variety of sand grains, also known as Quartzite Sandstones because of the abundance of Minerals. 

Modak Classic Sandstone, because it looks natural and harmonious, it blends with any setting. It is available in colors such as pink, honey terracotta, etc. Other Shades like rusty oranges and even pale yellows are included within Modak Sandstone, mixing together to create a very unique texture.

Modak Indian Sandstone tiles have a rich color, particle shape, and longevity that makes them a unique preference. This collection will render a genuinely independent fashion statement in every living space with either a sharpened or natural face surface. Also, suppose you are looking forward to Modak Indian Sandstone paving somewhere in the garden or lawn area, then with the glowing morning. In that case, the stones will glow, and with a soothing evening, your stony pathway will smoothen itself, giving you a relaxing view to seek ahead.

It is known to be a very loved Indian sandstone internationally. When considered the weather conditions, the orangish color and pink color tend to beautify the summers and amaze the winters with their magnificent shiny shades. 

Modak Classic Sandstone is resistant to oxidation, discoloration, acid, and alkaline. It may be used in various applications such as rooftops, boards, panels, beams, pillars, doors, and window sills. Also, Indian Modak sandstone is a very common alternative for outdoor pavement paths, entrances, and patios, with a beautiful texture that is natural to fall resilient. The sandstone pattern is very exotic and suitable for your house decor. 

Further, as per the client requirements till now and the recorded uses of the stone, this stone is available in the form of circle paving, walling stone, cobbles, palisades, curbstone, massive steps, stepping stones, pool coping, crazy paving, mosaics, borders, skirting and pebbles. 

Product Specification – Modak Sandstone

ClassificationSand Stone
Offered inCobbles, Steps, Palisades, Wall Bricks, Block, Slabs and Tiles
Finishes Offered

Natural, Sawn, Sandblasted, Honed, Polished, Brushed, Bush Hammered, Vibrated, Tumbled

Standard Specifications

Steps: 100/150/200X35X14-16 

Palisades: 25/30/50/75/100/125/150/200X12X11-13, 100X20X7-9, 100X25X7-9

Kerbstones: 50X20X7-9, 100X25X13-15 

Tiles: Cut to Size 2cm, 3cm, 2.5-4cm thick 

30×30, 60×30, 40×40, 60×40 , 60×60

25.5×27.5 , 27.5×56 , 56×56 , 56×84.5

Cobbles: 10X10X7-9, 14X14X3-5, 14X14X7-9, 14X14X12-14, 14X20X3-5, 14X20X7-9 , 20x20X7-9

Patio Pack

Possible (set contains 2pcs of 56×84.5 , 2pcs of 56×56 , 4pcs of 27.5×56, 4pcs of 27.5×27.5)

Other combinations also possible as per requirement

Tailor-Made SpecificationsPossible
Recommended ApplicationsInteriors & Exteriors

for standard material 3 to 4 weeks

for non standard sizes depends on the size and finish required

Quarry DepositCompact
Quarry ExcavationBlocks
Chisel SplittingPossible
Gang Saw SawingPossible
Carved ArticlesPossible
SuitabilityMedium to Low Traffic, with thicker material can also be used for heavy traffic
ConsistencyVariation in color as per the pictures

At Vardman Industries, Modak Classic Sandstone is available in various finishes such as natural cleft, flamed, polished, honed, bush-hammered, sawn, acid washed, antique finish and sandblasted to suit different applications.

We offer our customers the best quality and handpicked natural stones that can make you embellish the surroundings even more and more as time passes by.

Vardman Industries is a certified manufacturer, exporter and supplier of high-quality Modak stones to your enterprise. 

When it comes to the modak mines, we execute hand cutting operations throughout. Routine blocks of modak sandstones are made to manufacture pavers and flagstones with additional size measurements separated into the desired thickness labels.

So you can purchase the Indian Modak sandstone by us with complete faith, as we deliver unbeatable variety, unmatched consistency, and unparalleled rates. We are able to reduce operating costs and can provide high-quality goods for you at very competitive prices. 

For many years we have traded trustworthy Modak sandstones to deliver architectural, sculptural and country design solutions. Therefore, Modak sandstones carry the wow factor for every big or small project.

It is our privilege to develop a clear association with you and to provide our high-quality Indian Modak Sandstone.

You can always drop in the query by filling up the form and our immediate expert will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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