What Is The Most Environment-Friendly Paving Material?

by Natural Stone

With the several environmental concerns affecting us. It is natural that a lot of us are shifting towards environment friendly products to suit our needs. It is important that we consider eco friendly options as the hopes of the future world rest on our shoulders. Even when it comes to construction, both builders and owners are preferring environment friendly paving materials to carry out their jobs effectively.

But with all said and done, there might be a question as to which is the most environment friendly paving material? To answer it is the natural stone and the reasons you can see below.

Natural Stone

Natural stones such as sandstone, limestone, marbles, and granite are known for their enormous eco friendly nature. This is because the natural stones are naturally produced through quarries directly from the earth’s surface. Due to this, the natural stone is low on toxic chemicals, glue, silicon, and odorous acetone. Whereas, manmade paving materials such as concrete are laced with all of it in some capacity because of the extraction process involved in it. Recently, as noted by the Vardman Industries Indian natural stone exporter and manufacturer there is an increased demand for eco friendly paving slabs.


Owing to this, they are quarrying the eco friendly natural stone on a larger scale than they were used to doing it. However, it must be understood that the clean extraction is not an easy task. As you need to make sure that the quarried natural stone has been done sustainably. And when it comes to sustainable manners, it means the natural stone paving should be of higher environmental standards.

Now, there are several reasons why natural stone is considered the most environment friendly paving material. Let’s have a look at those one by one.


Natural stones are known for their durability, strength, and adherence to withstanding a range of harsh weather conditions. This naturally imbibed aspect of longevity grants that your paving made out of the eco friendly natural stone remains greener for a longer period of time. This ensures that you don’t have to constantly replace your paving materials or have them maintained on a regular basis.


Unlike man-made materials, natural stones have a reusability factor. That is if your natural stone such as sandstone or limestone breaks off or has cracks formed in it. You can get them crushed and mixed alongside the concrete to come up with newer, stronger, and paving products. And even when it comes to other natural sandstones such as granite, it can be chipped off into smaller paving slabs. These are eco friendly paving slabs that can be used in other applications. Due to the reusability factor nothing goes to waste when you choose the natural stone as your paving material.

Cost Effective

Natural stone since they are quarried directly from the surface of the earth. It only makes sense that they are cost effective, especially, in comparison to man-made materials.

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