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By stone articles, we refer to the composition of certain minerals and grained quartz in a blend of different combinations that are born out of the Earth’s crust.

About Stone Articles

By stone articles, we refer to the composition of certain minerals and grained quartz in a blend of different combinations that are born out of the Earth’s crust. The Indian Natural Stones are the perfect creation of nature to beautify the surroundings and interior projects. This includes stones like Granites, Marbles, Sandstones, Limestones etc. confessed for their uses as building stones.

Some of the stones out of the above are formed by metamorphism, and the evaporation process forms some. Conversely, for some, their ingredients are carried by air and water. The above stones also own their different shades of color defined as  – yellow, brown, green, black, maroon, red, orange, peach, white, cream, beige, gold, blue, grey and multicoloured. And due to the minerals and color inheritance, stones are defined under the categorical banners of igneous rock, sedimentary rocks, or metamorphic rocks.

Various stones are known for their resistant powers against scratching, heat, water, staining, and etching and some don’t boast the resistant powers. Along with stones that adhere to different combinations. Stones do need sealing, and some don’t. Still, adding up sealing benefits and helps you increase the resistant power and lowers high maintenance obligations.

All the distinctive types of stone hold contrasting amounts of durability levels, toughness, strengths, along with the ability to divergent cutting and carving essentials.

Grabbing the hands of prehistoric tiles till today, the uses of stones and their applications have increased vastly in number. Uses of stone include building stones, monumental stones, residential, commercial and industrial architectural applications. Stones are also used in interior and exterior placements in order to provide the premises with an elegant and aesthetic look and feel with great color combinations and patterns that these stones provide. 

To mention some of the interior and exterior uses of the stone – staircases, flooring, wall cladding, countertops, mosaic tiles, pathways, driveways, patio pavings, fireplaces, fountains, backsplashes, flagstones, sills, sinks, pool copings, ornamental stones, gemstones, wall facades, roofing, road bases, highway constructions, sewage system drainage etc.

The categories defining the above applications are found to be dimensional stones, crushed stones, constructional materials and architectural and sculptural stones.

Stones are available in various finishes like natural, polished, sawn, sandblasted, bush-hammered, paving, riven, tumbled, calibrated, honed, patterned, ledge stones antique. The surface finishes provide a stone as a parameter to get ready and get going for the installation task up and out in the market.

Apart from the above, stones do endure the healing properties. They help you calmer your mind, work in providing a clearer image of your thoughts, heal you from the addictive behaviours ridden out conferring the food, drugs, and alcoholic frameworks. 

Vardman Industries, a certified Indian Natural stones, exporter, supplier, and a manufacturer in India, brings you a certain range of stones like – granites, limestones, sandstones, monumental stones, and so on. We believe in providing our customers with variety along with the quality that they would love to embrace when our stone articles are in place at their respective premises, either individually or may be a combination. 

All the stone articles are available at reasonable rates, as concerning the accurate thickness, shape and sizes, withstanding the packaging and shipment formalities.

Our clients are the ones that are proudly buying the stones again and again from Vardman Industries as their top priority organization. And respecting that, we adhere to certain guidelines that will always heighten the trust of our clientele obliging the material we provide.

Looking forward to futuristic successful installations and endeavours with regards to a wide variety.

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Sandstone steps

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Sandstone benches

Stepping Stone Article

Stepping stone

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Planter, vases

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Stone Articles

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Stone Articles

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Stone Articles

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